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Our clients come in a range of shapes and sizes​, from many professional backgrounds, all united by a focus on product innovation in the life sciences. 

  • Investment groups 
  • Startups
  • Government Programs 
  • Non-Profits
  • Large Corporate Innovation Groups 
  • Academic Institutions
  • Incubator/Accelerator Programs


“…She is a straight shooter with an innate talent for coaching teams of innovators, creators and C level decision makers through the complex world of medical device innovation. Her high level ideation process and approach,  problem solving in combination with common sense, attention to detail, design aesthetics, functionality, clinical precision and a profound empathy for what really matter, truly set Kate apart.”

Victor Portes, FiguraNova Foundation

“Her goal is to expand people’s perception of being “innovative.”… technical and commercial landscapes are constantly changing, every endeavor will require creative solutions for the hundreds of different problems that are sure to come along. It’s possible that a solution built for today will be useless tomorrow…The only way to address those risks is to make sure you have the capability to always generate “one more solution.”

Eliot Baker, Xinova

Kate was an essential member of our Digital Innovation team. Kate always brought a first principles and novel approach to a problem resulting in valued solutions across different parts of our business.
Kate has the rare ability to hold both the larger picture and the details in her mind to understand what the priorities are to move towards the vision.

Kate managed and ran a number of complex projects to delivery ranging from process optimisation through to future scenario based experiments. One of which that is being investigated as a new venture opportunity.

I could not recommend Kate enough.

James Alford, Senior Director Beyond Innovation, GSK

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