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A selection of writing projects in engineering, medicine and the medical device industry

Using AI to Help Medical Devices Help Themselves, MD&DI online, April 1, 2024

Sourcing Electrical Components: Are We Back to Normal?, MD&DI online, FEB 26, 2024

CMO Trends for 2024 & What These Mean for Medical Device Companies, MD&DI online,  JAN 22, 2024

Effective ‘People Strategy’ for Start-Ups, MD&DI online, NOV 30, 2023

Health Equity by Design: Building Best Practices for Medical Innovation, MD&DI online, OCT 24, 2023

Dating Drama in the Industry Next Door, MD&DI online,  JUL 24, 2023

Removing Silent Suffering: Advancing Women’s Health Technology, MD&DI online,  MAY 30, 2023

The Need for Medical Device Specific Software, MD&DI online,  APR 26, 2023

Manufacturing Resources are Creeping Beyond the Reach of Medical Innovation, MD&DI online,  MAR 31, 2023

Where Is the Innovation in Sterilization?, MD&DI online,  MAR 2, 2023

Medtech Manufacturing Readiness, Product Realization Group Blog, March 2021

Traditional Skills, Non-Traditional Demographic: Rethinking Novice Digital Design Tool Education for Outside the Engineering Major. Stephenson, Katherine J.   Stanford University ProQuest Dissertations Publishing,  2017. 28115547.

Biomechanical and clinical correlates of stance-phase knee flexion in persons with spastic cerebral palsy.  Rha, D. W., Cahill-Rowley, K., Young, J., Torburn, L., Stephenson, K., & Rose, J. (2016). PM&R, 8(1), 11-18.

A detailed five-year review of medical device additive manufacturing research and its potential for translation to clinical practice. Stephenson, Katherine. International Design Engineering Technical Conferences and Computers and Information in Engineering Conference. Vol. 57106. American Society of Mechanical Engineers, 2015.

Teaching Nurses CAD: Identifying Design Software Learning Differences in a Non-Traditional User Demographic

KJ Stephenson, D Pickham, L Aquino Shluzas - 2015 -

Biomechanical and clinical correlates of swing-phase knee flexion in individuals with spastic cerebral palsy who walk with flexed-knee gait. Rha, D. W., Cahill-Rowley, K., Young, J., Torburn, L., Stephenson, K., & Rose, J. (2015).  Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, 96(3), 511-517.

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