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It's Official...heading back to Stanford one more time

Just got the paperwork filed and am now a Continuing Studies instructor at Stanford University. This January, I'll be teaching an 8 week professional course titled "After the Insight: Mapping Your Idea's Path to Product" (BUS 255) through Stanford University's Continuing Studies Program.

Photo by Emily Karakis on Unsplash

Description: "Having a great idea and the passion to implement it are important first steps. But often the knowledge you will need to develop a product will stretch across cross multiple disciplines, including many beyond your existing professional skills and training. As a result, prospective entrepreneurs can often find themselves stymied--unsure what steps to take, and how best to take them, in order to transition a promising idea into an impactful product.

This hands-on course will walk you through eight major areas entrepreneurs need to understand and consider as they hone their idea, develop a product, and bring it to market. These include identifying product opportunities, designing and testing product concepts, intellectual property, business plans, obtaining funding, quality and regulatory concerns, manufacturing, and distribution. We will walk through each of these steps in order, with each one being covered in a dedicated lecture coupled with in-class application exercises and extensive references to additional resources. Case studies and examples will draw heavily from the rapidly growing field of medical devices, but the processes and resources described can apply broadly to any consumer product. By the end of the course, each student will have assembled a clear map for taking one of their own ideas into production."

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