Dyad Engineering

Dyad Engineering, LLC is a private technical consulting firm owned and operated by Dr. Katherine J Stephenson. Based in the California Bay Area, Dyad was founded to support efficient, effective innovation in the medical device field. 

Dyad's services focus on technical strategies for early stage devices. These include de-risking new technologies, expanding IP, R&D planning and prototyping and fabrication pathways.


Dr. Katherine J Stephenson

Dr.  Stephenson is an engineer, researcher, public speaker and writer with over 15 years and 40+ products in the Medical Device Industry.

Dr. Stephenson has a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University and has developed and taught multiple classes and workshops in medical device innovation.


She is particularly passionate about the ways new technologies have allowed for innovation is under-served markets, including women's health and pediatrics.


Outside of work, Kate has taught martial arts in a special needs children's sports program for over a decade, is an avid trail runner, and is the world's nerdiest mom to two budding engineers (aka her sons) growing up in the heart of Silicon Valley.