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Dyad Engineering

Dyad is a private technical consulting firm founded in early 2019. It is owned and operated by Dr. Katherine J Stephenson. Based in California's Silicon Valley, Dyad was founded to support new ventures in Medtech, drug delivery and diagnostics through strategic consulting services.  

Dyad Engineering, LLC is registered in the state of California and is certified as a Small Women Owned Business (SWOB). 


Dr. Katherine J Stephenson

Dr. Stephenson is a Stanford Engineering PhD with a deep technical consulting background in health innovation.


She has a twenty-year history of strategic early-stage technical projects in a wide range of in novel medical products, including medical device, digital health, drug delivery and pharma.


A long-term resident of California’s Silicon Valley, her active network spans the start-up community, including R1 academic centers, incubators, investors, and startups.


Her three key areas of expertise include identifying and evaluating new ventures, strategic planning for transferring emerging technology into successful products, and building partnerships between diverse stakeholders in innovation ecosystems.

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