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The Last Sprint of the Year

Time to work off the extra pie, press your cleats on to the block and set your eyes on the prize.

I'm often amazed at the different annual rhythms associated with different professions. My tax accountant friends disappear into their offices for the month of March, the teachers are frantically assembling lesson plans as August rolls to an end, and anyone in retail is running a marathon from Halloween until the end of the year.

December and January have their own interesting quirks for those in medical device. Depending on your company's financial status, you may be looking to burn extra budget before the end of the year, or you're straining to hit that last milestone to release the next round of funding. You may be tracking the host of new regulations (especially California and the EU) that will be implemented in 2020. In the new year, there's the SBIR and NIH grant deadlines the first week of January. You may be one of the 485 companies presenting at the massive J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference right afterwards. If you didn't get an invitation to JP Morgan, you're planning around dozens of other events you may be part of in the first two months of the New Year. MedTech Innovator's 2020 startup cohort applications are due by the end of January.

No, this industry does not end, or start, the year slowly. There are one or two glorious weeks, in between, where we find a little span of peace to be with family, take a breath, and remind ourselves of the good that we aim to do in our work.

Best of luck to all of you running the race these next few weeks. If I can give you a extra push, give me a call.

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